How to Install and Program a Performance Throttle Controller in a Subaru BRZ?

A performance throttle controller, such as a Commander, is a cutting-edge app-driven device that allows you to fine-tune the response of your Subaru BRZ’s accelerator pedal, thereby changing the vehicle’s overall driving performance. The product can be installed in minutes, and it’s adaptable to both manual and automatic transmissions. Once installed, it enables greater control over your car’s throttle response, allowing you to tailor it to your personal driving style, whether you’re looking for a sharper response for spirited driving or a smoother one for relaxed cruising.

What Happens Under the Hood?

Before we delve into the installation and programming process, it’s crucial to comprehend what happens under the hood of your Subaru BRZ when you depress the accelerator pedal. In modern vehicles, the connection between the pedal and the throttle is no longer mechanical, but electronic. This electronic throttle control system, often referred to as ‘drive-by-wire’, consists of a throttle pedal position sensor, an electronic control unit (ECU) and an electronically controlled throttle body.

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When you press the accelerator, the position sensor relays this information to the ECU. The ECU then controls the throttle body, dictating how much air should enter the engine, which in turn influences how much fuel is injected. The blend of air and fuel governs the engine’s performance and power.

The throttle controller comes into play here by altering the signal between the pedal sensor and the ECU. Essentially, it allows you to modify the sensitivity of the throttle response. This means that with a throttle controller, you could make your vehicle react more swiftly or more gently to your pedal inputs.

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Installation of the Throttle Controller

The installation process of a throttle controller like the Commander is relatively straightforward. However, ensure you follow each step attentively for the best results.

1. Disconnect the Vehicle’s Throttle Position Sensor:

Begin by disconnecting the throttle position sensor. This is usually found on the accelerator pedal. In the Subaru BRZ, like in most Toyota-derived vehicles, you can locate this by following the accelerator pedal up to where it meets the throttle cable.

2. Connect the Throttle Controller:

Next, plug the throttle controller’s connectors into the now vacant posts where the throttle position sensor was earlier attached. One end of the controller connects to the pedal, and the other end links to the sensor’s original connection.

3. Secure the Controller and Cables:

With the controller now connected, find a secure spot to mount the controller’s display. Avoid locations that would obstruct your view while driving. Use cable ties to tidy up and secure any loose cables and ensure that none interfere with the pedals.

Programming the Throttle Controller

Programming the throttle controller involves setting up the drive modes to suit your preferred driving style. Each mode changes the vehicle’s throttle response, altering its performance.

1. Sport Mode:

Sport mode offers a sharper, more responsive pedal feel which is perfect for spirited driving. It ensures quicker throttle response, making your Subaru BRZ feel more agile and dynamic.

2. Comfort Mode:

Comfort mode is more suited for relaxed, everyday driving. It softens throttle response, resulting in smoother acceleration and better fuel efficiency.

3. Eco Mode:

Eco mode is designed for maximum fuel efficiency. Throttle response is notably slower in this setting, which helps reduce fuel consumption, especially during city drives where start-stop driving is frequent.

To switch between these modes, use the controller’s display unit. Just press the mode button until the desired driving mode is displayed, then press the set button.

Wield Control with the Companion App

Many performance throttle controllers, including the Commander, come with a companion app that you could install on your smartphone. This app lets you wirelessly control the throttle controller, allowing you to change modes, monitor performance, and even set custom profiles.

To install the app, search for the name of your throttle controller in your device’s app store and follow the prompts. Ensure that your device’s Bluetooth is turned on and that it’s paired with the throttle controller.

In conclusion, a performance throttle controller can be a worthy addition to your Subaru BRZ. It offers improved throttle response, better control, and adaptability to various driving conditions. However, keep in mind that aggressive driving modes might increase fuel consumption. Always drive responsibly, and be sure to consider road conditions and traffic laws.

The Pedal Commander: A Special Edition Throttle Controller

One of the most lauded throttle controllers on the market is the Pedal Commander. This device is available in a special black edition, offering an attractive blend of form and function for your Subaru BRZ. The Pedal Commander is easy to install and provides exceptional throttle control, making it a popular choice among Subaru BRZ owners.

Like other throttle controllers, the Pedal Commander works by adjusting the throttle response. But what sets it apart is its range of controllable performance settings. Apart from the standard Sport, Comfort, and Eco modes, it also features an additional Pro Black mode. This mode takes the throttle response to a new level, giving you even more control over your vehicle’s performance. It is perfect for those seeking an extra jolt of power from their Subaru BRZ.

But the Pedal Commander is not just about performance. Its Eco mode can help you mitigate any potential increase in fuel consumption that may result from the use of more aggressive driving modes. By reducing throttle lag and promoting more efficient engine operation, the Eco mode can help you achieve excellent fuel economy.

Besides its performance features, the Pedal Commander is also praised for its ease of use. The device comes with a watch video guide that explains the installation and programming processes in a detailed yet easy-to-understand manner. All you need is a smartphone or a computer to access the video.

Pedal Pro: The Professional’s Choice

For a professional touch, consider the Pedal Pro. Like the Pedal Commander, the Pedal Pro changes your Subaru BRZ’s throttle response and adds a touch of customization to your driving experience. Being an EcuTek dealer product, it guarantees compatibility with your ECU connect system.

The Pedal Pro offers multiple driving modes, including Sport, Comfort, and Eco, each of which can be easily selected using the device’s control panel. The Sport mode ensures a spirited driving experience, while the Comfort mode is perfect for relaxed cruising. The Eco mode, on the other hand, optimizes fuel efficiency.

One unique feature of the Pedal Pro is its custom mode. This allows you to create a personalized throttle response curve to match your preferred driving style. Whether you own a Subaru BRZ, a Subaru WRX, a Subaru Impreza, or any other vehicle in the Subaru family, the Pedal Pro can help you tailor your vehicle’s throttle response to your liking.


Whether you choose the Pedal Commander or the Pedal Pro, installing a performance throttle controller in your Subaru BRZ can provide a noticeable improvement in throttle response. It allows you to customize your driving experience, from the sporty zest of the Sport mode to the fuel-saving efficiency of the Eco mode.

But remember, these devices do not alter your vehicle’s maximum power output. They simply change how your Subaru BRZ responds to your accelerator pedal inputs. Throttle controllers like these are all about improving the driving experience, not about increasing horsepower or speed.

Most importantly, even as you enjoy the improved responsiveness and control, always keep safety in mind. Be sure to obey traffic laws, and consider the road conditions before changing your driving mode. After all, the ultimate goal is not just to enjoy your Subaru BRZ’s improved throttle response but also to ensure a safe and enjoyable ride.

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